Nyan Cat Redeemer

Nyan Cat Redeemer 1.0

Add Nyan Cat into Unreal Tournament 3


  • Same soundtrack as the original
  • Fun lingering rainbow
  • Turns rocket launchers into Nyan Cat launcher


  • Nothing unique or innovative


Nyan Cat Redeemer is a mod for Unreal Tournament 3 that transforms your rocket launcher into everyone's favorite pixellated feline.

Nyan Cat is a viral sensation on the internet. The feline's made up of basic graphics with an addictive soundtrack that quickly becomes annoying depending on your bent. Yet it's still hugely popular, as can be seen by off-shoot programs like the Nyan Cat Progress Bar.

Nyan Cat Redeemer is another fun way to incorporate the furry sensation into your PC gaming experience. This mod turns a rocket launcher into a launcher featuring Nyan Cat. The manically upbeat soundtrack is also included.

Just like the graphics in the original Nyan Cat video on YouTube, Nyan Cat Redeemer's essentially just added in the same old image and tweaked it into rocket form. The well-known trailing rainbow will also be a hit for some users.

Unfortunately, there's nothing really new or unique to Nyan Cat Redeemer. It provides a bit of fun, but only diehard Nyan Cat fans will likely want to use it for any great length of time.

Nyan Cat Redeemer is a fun mod to add some color to your Unreal Tournament rocket launcher.

Nyan Cat Redeemer


Nyan Cat Redeemer 1.0

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